Pre-Plan Mokshitle offers a unique opportunity to proactively plan and prepare for one’s final journey, ensuring peace of mind for oneself and loved ones. By making advance arrangements for funeral rites and final arrangements, individuals can alleviate the burden on their families during emotionally challenging times.

With Pre-Plan Mokshitle, you can:

  • Customize Your Farewell: Plan and personalize your funeral rites and rituals according to your beliefs and preferences, ensuring your final wishes are honored.
  • Financial Planning: Securely allocate funds for funeral expenses, reducing financial burdens on your loved ones.
  • Document Your Preferences: Detail your preferences for cremation, burial, or any other preferred mode of final disposition, allowing your family to carry out your wishes.
  • Support Loved Ones: Provide your family with guidance and support, ensuring they have a clear roadmap to follow during their time of grief.